1. Let It Go

  2. Close Your Eyes (Migs Remixes)
    Miguel Migs feat. Meshell Ndegeocello

  3. Way Back
    Julius Papp feat. Lisa Shaw

  4. Elevate Your Soul
    Ear Funk x Espeut

  5. Funk Mansion

  6. Crossed Signals Vol. 15
    Various Artists

  7. A Dreamer

  8. Lips To Mine
    Sammy Deuce

  9. The Sound Vault
    Miguel Migs

  10. Miles
    Oscar Barila

  11. Journey Together
    Julius Papp

  12. Get The Message
    8 Bit Society

  13. Larry's Way
    Mark Lower

  14. See You Sweat
    Dutchican Soul & Dave Mayer

  15. Falling Again
    Artone & C-Mo Feat. Trombobby

  16. Talu
    Aidan Bega

  17. Crossed Signals Vol. 14
    Various Artists

  18. Turn it Around
    Trevor Gordon

  19. All These Things

  20. Mr. Franklin
    Simon Adams, Max Millan

  21. Jordi LOVE Groove
    Col Lawton

  22. Keep On Searchin'

  23. Honey's Jam
    Teddy Black, Austins Groove

  24. Mood Fantasy
    Artone & Boyan

  25. Down Street
    Simon Adams & Stefano Mango

  26. Crossed Signals Vol. 13
    Various Artists

  27. So In Love
    Dubeats & Bondar

  28. Elevate
    Rony Breaker feat. Nathan Thomas

  29. Live For Today
    Chris Geldard feat. Shniece

  30. Winter Selections EP
    Various Artists

  31. We Dance 2Gether
    Deeplomatik feat. An-Tonic

  32. Keep On Movin'
    Simon Adams, DJ Fopp

  33. Crossed Signals Vol. 12
    ColorJaxx, Vaudafunk

  34. Dance Move
    Ladies On Mars

  35. Love Talk
    Dutchican Soul

  36. Autumn Selections EP
    Various Artists

  37. Be Mine

  38. Solid As Disco
    George Cynnamon

  39. Dream With You
    Parallel Vision

  40. Floating Spaces
    Miguel Migs

  41. Shake It On (Miguel Migs Deep Feels Remix)

  42. The Dreamers
    Criss Korey

  43. Second Summer
    Adam Nyquist

  44. Summer Selections
    Various Artists

  45. Back In Da Dayz
    Artone feat. Jay-J

  46. That's The Groove
    Disk Nation

  47. 3AM
    Simon Adams, Max Millan

  48. Sugar

  49. Hottie
    James Silk

  50. My Destination
    George Cynnamon

  51. Trying
    Corsica One

  52. Lovely

  53. Spring Selections EP
    Various Artists

  54. That's True
    Simon Adams

  55. Here I Come

  56. Fighter
    Col Lawton

  57. Put It Down
    DJ Emii

  58. Body Heat
    Andy Bach

  59. Crossed Signals Vol. 11
    Various Artists

  60. That's That Boom
    Mr. Bootsauce

  61. When He Comes
    Simon Adams & Max Millan

  62. Variations

  63. Lifted Higher
    Adam Nyquist

  64. All You've Got To Do
    Kinky Movement feat. Cathy Battistessa

  65. Strong Enough
    B&S Concept

  66. Arrival

  67. The Flavor Saver Vol. 30
    Various Artists

  68. Just Call My Name
    George Kelly & Vaudafunk

  69. Crossed Signals Vol. 10
    Duwayne Motley vs rawBeetz

  70. Dopest Kicks
    Teddy Black

  71. Public Radio
    DJ Violette

  72. Deep Drop

  73. Groovin' The Groove
    DJ Fopp & Simon Adams

  74. This Melody
    Miguel Migs feat. Lisa Shaw

  75. The Flavor Saver Vol. 29
    Various Artists

  76. Let Go

  77. Trouble
    Neil Smallridge

  78. Larry The Legend
    Loves Last Episode

  79. Me & You
    Simon Adams & Stefano Mango

  80. Lost Messages
    Miguel Migs

  81. Crossed Signals Vol. 9
    Various Artists

  82. Move That Body
    Jay Vegas

  83. The Flavor Saver EP Vol. 28
    Various Artists

  84. Be The Change
    Danny Marx

  85. Moving Light
    Miguel Migs feat. Lisa Shaw

  86. Baby Come On
    Random Soul (Yogi & Husky)

  87. Les Sensations
    DJ Mes

  88. With All My Heart

  89. Crossed Signals Vol. 8
    Various Artists

  90. The Flavor Saver EP Vol. 27
    Various Artists

  91. Challenge
    Vian Pelez

  92. Express Yourself
    Mark Lower

  93. The Night Life
    Drew Feelin Feat. Mr. V

  94. House Celebration Part 2 (Remixes)
    Fabio Tosti feat. Diamondancer

  95. The Flavor Saver EP Vol. 26
    Various Artists

  96. Crossed Signals Vol. 7
    Various Artists

  97. Bump The Funk
    Jarred Gallo

  98. Another Level
    Alek Soltirov

  99. Now, I Know
    DJ Violette

  100. Lookin' At You

  101. Loud Silence
    Freight Train

  102. The Flavor Saver EP Vol. 25
    Adam Nyquist & Jay Gecko

  103. Do It for You (Jay-J Remixes)
    Miguel Migs Feat. Li'sha

  104. The Skyline Vault Remixes Part 1
    Miguel Migs

  105. Got You On My Mind
    Sonny Fodera

  106. Jingo
    TnT Inc. vs Alex Dimitri


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Miguel Migs started his Salted Music imprint in 2004 as a creative outlet for releasing forward thinking, soul based electronic music. Not just instituted for Migs’ own creations, Salted is a vehicle for upcoming and well-known artists alike who come across his path and catch his ear. ... more

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